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What is VideoTrainear?

VideoTrainear is Video + Audio + Text + Game = unique tool that enhances your listening comprehension, reading and spelling skills while watching favourite movies in any language you might want to learn. The idea is simple but very powerful: the software works like a word puzzle solving game where you a) listen to the phrase from the movie in a foreign language and b) try to complete the right sentence out of mixed words.

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Why VideoTrainear?
Download VideoTrainear 2.12.1 (.msi, installation package, ~5Mb)
Download VideoTrainear 2.12.1 (.exe only, no help files, ~2Mb)
Release date: Dec 8, 2012

Unique learning technique

VideoTrainear tool is based on the very effective technique called "Matrix Language Learning". The strongest matrix effect is reached by combination of three channels of perception - visual perception (facial expressions, lips moving, surrounding context), pronunciation (especially if the phrases are said by native speakers) and reading (foreign and mother tongue subtitles). The only method with similar effect might be immersion into language environment.

Constant repetition intensifies the effect: 1) words, phrases and their audial characteristics become imprinted into hearer's memory, and 2) stable memory associations are set for unfamiliar foreign words. Moreover, gaming principle and personal user preferences in selection of video material allows to maintain high interest in the process.

Rephrasing the popular proverb 'business before pleasure' VideoTrainear says: 'business with pleasure'.

Tips for better use
  1. For beginners it is recommended to choose simple video material (popular educational programs, comedies, cartoons) featuring clear pronunciation of words and relatively low speed of speech. This will allow users to catch the words and all the details of pronunciation which is crucial on initial stage. As you improve your comprehension skills, you may move on to the more complex genres (thrillers, dramas, serials, political, musicals, etc) where speech may be either fast or complicated (non-natives, drunk, children, elderly speakers).
  2. Choose movies or excerpts with minimal soundtrack and background noise.
  3. Choose movies which you really like and appreciate.
  4. Good idea is to watch favourite serials with 1-week period episodes. This time usually is just enough to solve a standard 40 minutes episode in a study mode.
  5. During the study it is better to minimize the use of other languages so that the mind is totally focused on the priority language.
Technical specifications
Terms of use

The license for the program is assigned to Shareware class. You may use the unregistered version for evaluation purposes within 7 days. After expiration of trial period the software shall be removed.

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